Full service Car Care, conveniently located downtown Livermore directly next door to the downtown parking garage! Come see us Mon-Fri from 8:30am-5pm.

Call 925-443-7474 and press option 1 to make an appointment or use our online appointment tool. 

NOTE: we do not perform smog inspections this location! Smog inspections will continue to be done at 1737 First st. and 1412 Portola Ave. 


Smog inspections - Conveniently located in Livermore's downtown gateway. 

Across from the Vine theater, next door to the Chevron gas station.

*Performing only smog checks at this location. STAR certified.

1737 First St.

Livermore CA, 94550



Smog inspections - Located uptown off Portola Ave, between North P. St and Murrietta Ave, we proudly serve Livermore's north side residents from our unique 1933 historic Flying A gas station situated on the old Lincoln Highway.

*Performing only smog checks at this location. STAR certified.

1412 Portola Ave.

Livermore CA, 94550